Castles of Germany & France   The Rhine Valley

Hochburg Emmendingen Hochburg Emmendingen
Hochburg Emmendingen, Germany
The original castle was built in the 11th. Century. In 1094 Dietrich von Hachberg was mentioned as owner. In the following centuries it was several times extended and owned by the Markgrafen of Baden. The Hochburg is the second biggest castle complex after the Palace Heidelberg.
Hochburg Emmendingen
Schloss Ortenberg Schloss Ortenberg
Schloss Ortenberg, Germany
The roots of the castle plant lies during the Middle Ages in the dark. With the utmost probability in the 11th. Century the palace was rebuilt or at least extended. At this time it belonged to the Grafen der Mortenau (Ortenau).
Schloss Ortenberg
Schauenburg Oberkirch Schauenburg Oberkirch
Schauenburg Oberkirch, Germany
The castle was built in the 11th. Century and owned by the family von Schauenburg
Schauenburg Oberkirch
Hohenbaden Burg, Baden-Baden Hohenbaden Burg, Baden-Baden
Hohenbaden Burg, Baden-Baden, Germany
The castle complex was built between the 12th. and 15th. Century and owned by the Markgraf von Baden.
Hohenbaden Burg, Baden-Baden
Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, Bühl
Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, Bühl, Germany
Built Between 1911 until 1914 the palace and the sanatorium was built by the famous architect Professor Wilhelm Kreis. The owner was Hertha Isenbart.
Burg Lichteneck, Hecklingen
Burg Lichteneck, Hecklingen, Germany
From 1265 until 1290 the castle was built by the Graf Egino von Freiburg and 1290 as 'Liehtenekke' documented.
Kastelburg Waldkirch
Kastelburg Waldkirch, Germany
The castle was built in the late 13th. Century. 1289 as first owners were mentioned the Ritter (knights) von Schwarzenberg.
Zähringer Burg, Wildtal

Zähringer Burg, Wildtal, Germany
Documented the first time in 1128 owned by the Zähringer Herzöge.
Chateaux de St. Ulrich, Ribeauxville
Chateaux de St. Ulrich, Ribeauxville, France
In 1289 the construction of the castle was finalized. It was owned by the family von Rappoltstein.Ribeauville
Burg Kintzheim
Burg Kintzheim, France
The castle was built in the early 13th. Century. It's unknown who built this castle. First mentioned owners were the family of Rathsamhausen von Ehenweyer in 1267.

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