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BobLo Boats Columbia & Ste. Claire

 BobLo Boat SS Columbia waiting her fate or resturation at Nicholson Terminal & Dock, Detroit River
BobLo Boat SS Columbia is now the oldest surviving passenger steam vessel in the United States, and the best remaining work by one of America’s greatest naval architects, Frank Kirby. Built in 1902, the Columbia combines a spectacular array of design, engineering, and aesthetic innovations. At 207’ in length and 60’ in breadth, the ship was designed to carry 3,200 passengers comfortably on her five decks. Her beautiful interiors were created in collaboration with the painter and designer Louis O. Keil. The ship is adorned with mahogany paneling, etched and leaded glass, gilded moldings, a grand staircase, and an innovative open-air ballroom. The Columbia’s massive 1,200-horsepower triple-expansion reciprocating steam engine, surrounded by viewing galleries, will become an unforgettable demonstration of early steam technologies for visitors. Laid up and minimally maintained for the past 15 years, the ship has suffered an accelerating decline in her condition.Source:SS

BobLo Boat SS Ste. Claire waiting further resturation at Nicholson Terminal & Dock, Detroit River
Designed by Frank E. Kirby (who also designed Columbia), Ste. Claire was launched at Toledo Shipbuilding Company in 1910, and entered service later that year as part of the fleet operated by the Detroit & Windsor Ferry Company. For 81 years, this vessel carried passengers to Bois Blanc (Bob-Lo) Island, a record of service on a single run unequalled in U.S. maritime history.
Source: National Park Service

BobLo Boat, Ste. Claire Tow, 9/11/2001
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Aerial Photography By Don Coles,, Great Lakes Aerial Photography